How To Remove Bugs And Tar From Your Car

26 April 2017
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Your car takes you from here to there without fail day in and day out. The constant driving eventually takes a toll on your car's paint job, loading it with bugs and tar from the roads and highways where you drive. Taking your car through the quickie car wash at the gas station may not be cutting it for your car, and you've probably noticed the bugs and tar still stuck to your paint and possibly your windshield. You can remove the bugs and tar leftover on your car yourself by following the tips below.

Give It A Good Wash

Hand wash your car yourself using a microfiber cloth or a soft bristle brush. Washing it by hand helps remove the dirt from your car without missing any areas that an automatic wash may miss. Use car wash soap, rather than dish soap to help keep the shine on your paint job. Begin at the top of your car, then work your way down the sides and the front and back, and finally the bottom. Work in small sections, keeping your car wet as you go along. Rinse immediately after washing with the soap to prevent the soap from drying on your car. Also be sure to wash your car in a shady area, rather than in direct sunlight to prevent your car from drying as you wash it.

Dry Thoroughly

Use microfiber cloths to dry your car, looking at your handy work as you go along. Check for any areas that you may have missed, then wash them again if need be. Inspect your car for any leftover bugs and tar.

Apply Wax

Waxing your car helps to remove the bugs and tar that you weren't ably to remove with the car wash soap. Rub the wax onto your car, working in small sections. Allow the wax to dry, then remove the wax with a clean microfiber cloth. Work in circular motions applying the wax and to remove the wax. Don't scrub too hard, but use the wax to remove the bugs and tar. The bugs and tar should come out when removing the wax. If the spots are still there, apply wax again to the spots and remove it in the same manner as before.

Washing your car often and waxing it often will help prevent bugs and tar from sticking to your car, which can eat away at your clear coating if left on your car to bake in the sun. Take your car to an auto detailing shop to have your car detailed by a professional and have the bugs and tar removed for you