Tips To Make A Mud Bogging Competition A Success

25 December 2017
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If you will be hosting a mud bogging competition that includes driving trucks and sports utility vehicles up manmade hills and through deep puddles, your competitors and audience members will enjoy themselves and appreciate your hospitality if you provide everyone with some incentives for attending the event. Try the suggestions that follow to turn your event into a one-of-a-kind occasion.

Use Fencing And Lights To Outline The Track And Add Seats

Install flexible fencing around the track so that your competitors will not accidentally drive out of bounds and so that your guests won't be able to wander into territory that could cause them to become injured while the mud bogging competition is underway.

Insert light poles next to the fencing to highlight the marked area and to provide drivers and viewers with visibility if the event is going to be taking place when it is dark outside. Place a few sets of bleachers next to the track. Play music over a sound system prior to the event starting.                              

Speak Over A Megaphone And Offer A Concession Stand

Use a megaphone while speaking during the event so that people in the audience can hear you. While speaking, provide details about who is winning the competition and describe some of the maneuvers that participants are using to drive up steep inclines or through muddy surfaces.

Set up a concession stand and hire a couple people to run the stand during the event. Offer hotdogs, hamburgers, candy, ice cream, and soft drinks for a reasonable price. If you would like to provide your guests with the convenience of not needing to leave their seats during the competition, have the employees bring food out to the bleachers.

Provide A Car Wash And Detailing Center

Since mud bogging is a dirty activity, provide competitors with a car wash and detailing center so that vehicles can be restored to their original state once the mud bogging competition is over. Hire a car washing and detailing crew. Give the crew water hoses, buckets, automotive detergent, scrub brushes, sponges, wax, buffing mitts, and vacuums. Request that a few employees handle the car washing responsibilities and the remaining employees handle the detailing responsibilities.

Make sure to include details about the car wash and detailing center on advertisements for the mud bogging event. If you would like to offer the car wash and detailing center to spectators, sell tickets in advance so that your car washing and detailing crew will be aware of how many people's cars need to be serviced and so that you purchase plenty of cleaning supplies prior to the event. Contact a service, like A&G Auto Spa & Mobile Detailing, for more help.